Sea Moss Gel Bundle (3 large Gels)

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This buncle comes with 3 large (32 oz) jars of sea moss. Options available are strawberry, peach, and mango. If you would like to mix and match, specify flavors in the comment sections of your order.

Sea moss is actually a species of red algae. Sea moss is usually soaked and included into any kind of foods especially dessert. It can also be used as a gel, as it has no color and taste, yet packed with beneficial nutrients especially fiber.

This edible sea moss widely grows along the coastal regions of North America, Europe, especially in Ireland. This is why people call it Irish Moss. In Europe, people mostly include sea moss into soup or any kind of broth to get the health benefits of sea moss. Some of the nutrients found in sea moss are:

????sugar fiber
????vitamin b2
????vitamin b9
????vitamin D
????vitamin E
????vitamin K

Some of the health benefits of Sea Moss you can’t easily ignore are:

????treats anemia
????boost energy
????treat thyroid disorder
????relieves flu ( also cinnamon and ginger tea)
????relieve asthma
????improve mental health
????detoxifying property
????effectively treat wounds
????good for the skin (good supplier of collagen)
????natural pain killer (anti-inflammatory property)
????good for cancer treatment (curbs side effects of the therapy by absorbing the toxic compound from the bowel and flushed it from your system)
????aids healthy digestion
????prevents lung problems
????relieves sore throat
????reduce blood pressure
????strengthens bones
????reduce cholesterol
????male natural aphrodisiac

Peach and Strawberry flavored infused within the gel!????




Regular, Strawberry, Peach, Mango

2 reviews for Sea Moss Gel Bundle (3 large Gels)

  1. Shamika B

    Love this flavor sea moss! Royal beads boutique has the best products hands down.Her sea moss works wonders.Not only it gives me energy and boost my immune system but it really help take the pain away in my body.I can definitely feel the difference.
    #LoveHerProducts #YouBetterGetYours

  2. Tan (Georgia) (verified owner)

    Love the Strawberry Seamoss if you are thinking about trying it think no more this is some good stuff!!!!

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