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Detox Sea Moss (32 oz)

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Sea moss gel infused with wheat bran, senna leaf, chia seed, soursop leaf, flax seed, moringa powder, ginger root, dandelion root, burdock, red clover, cinnamon , turmeric root, and aloe Vera powder.

Mix 1 tablespoon of sea moss gel per 8 ounces of your favorite juice, tmilk, or water.  Can be used once or twice a day.












******Warnings; if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications , consult your doctor before use. (32 oz)

Weight32 oz

1 review for Detox Sea Moss (32 oz)

  1. Linda

    My grandmother always had body pains. The owner recommended the turmeric sea moss and ginger shots. My grandmother took the sea moss and the ginger shot every day ever since she got it. A couple of weeks later, I went to go see her and she was up and moving. She was dancing to Mary j blige and cleaning. When I came in the house, I was so scarred and thought she was hurt but no, she wasn’t. She was just doing some weird dance. Ever since she started using the sea moss and the ginger shots, she has been a different person. She told me she feels better than ever. Thank you so much.

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